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April 21, 2011

how to tidy a room quickly :)


hyep peeps~!
tadi aku agak moody becoz, aku kene over time malam neh,
*alasan ta logik, tapi betol taw.

oke, kita lupakan saje perihal 'fish' tadi, terlalu mengikut perasaan ;)
sekarang aku da siap kan sume keje2,
tenang siket tdow malam ini.

aktiviti yang hampir mrmbuad aku give up tadi adelah; kemas bilik
*jangan na bayangkan bilik aku macam kandang p~~~ oke, aku sepak kaw nty

let's check it out;

1* Put on some music! Tidying your room doesn't have to be boring.
#ta kesa laa lagu ape2, tadi aku dengar lagu 'catch a grenade' taw kan? perh membare rase,

2*Open the window, if your room hasn't been tidied in a while, dust will settle in no time, so have it flow out as soon as it rises from you moving things by opening the window.
It stops hay fever and irritation in general.And open your blind to you need light to get in so you can see what your doing
(this will also mean turn off any lights in the room!)

3*Start at the entrance of the room, and go around the room in order, tidying what you reach at the start first.

4*Put small things like pens, books and other items in a drawer which is not used for anything specific and is not usually kept tidy.

5*Put any dishes, cups or cutlery in the sink, leaving them to be rinsed and put in a dishwasher, or washed by hand.

6*Carry a plastic bag around with you so you can quickly pick up and put rubbish in the bag, without having to go to the bin every time

7*Put anything which has a certain place, like clothes or toys, in their place.

8*Put anything which doesn't necessarily have a certain place in a drawer or on a shelf. Any big items like books or important pieces of paper should be put in a neat pile and onto a surface like a table or shelf.
This looks neat and means you do not have to find a place for the item.

9*Finally, to keep the room tidy, put things away once you've finished with them so mess doesn't build up in your clean room.
This is important because it makes future tidying up quicker and easier!!!

10*Then sweep or vacuum the floor once you are done to make it look AND feel cleaner!

and da result is

see , easy rite?

mesti pelik kan kenape bahasa inggeris aku semacam jea gramatis an?
aku tadi da buntu, so, aku on9 google
then keluar laa macam yang di atas, senangkan?

oke, selamat mencube ;)


Noor Aqillah Majid =) said...

kikikiki. aku pon kene kemas rumah neh -,-''

qilanisa said...

rumah aku besepah buat bodo jerk.hua3

persevere said...

ahaha, aku pnyer da tahap hyperbola.hee, kne wajibb~!hahaha