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February 29, 2012

assalamualaikum :)

dear my heart ,
 please stay strong because this is not the end :) 
thank you 
i know you can :)

sincerely , me :)

even though there's a lot of mistake , 
don't give up 
you still have tomorrow when today start to leaving you

try to trust people when they put their trust in you , 
treat people nicely , so that they will being nice to you
 remember my dear , 
life is like a wheel 
sometimes up and sometimes down
you get what you give 

there's lot of thought 
i can't choose the best or correct words to write
so , 
i end here

take me as i am 
it's oke if you can't

chill laa kan ?
na tacink bagai

hey you !
happy birthday , 
i know once ago u wish to celebrate with him
it's okayyy if want to do :)
 have a blast birthday :D

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